From Switzerland: apprentices of Jesus

A reader/podcast listener writes:

Hi Brian. Just listened to your Bible podcast #34, episode 6, Church.
I find them very inspiring. Having grown up in UK and now living in
Switzerland, I’ve had to adjust to both a change of language and of
culture. Both are relevant to this message.
1. You talk of disciples rather than Christians. Luther chose to use
“Jünger” which then was used for apprentices; literally it means
“younger” but nowadays is only used as a noun by the pious and is thus
IMO not very helpful. Follower (Nachfolger) or apprentice (Lehrling)
of Jesus would be much better.
2. In the UK everyone wants to study. In Switzerland few do; most do
an apprenticeship, learning from a master of their trade and becoming
competent by imitation. On the whole this works really well. I just
wish Swiss Christians would learn to use the apprentice of Jesus
terminology; it would be so meaningful!
So, thanks for introducing that term.

Thanks for the German equivalents … Your response is highly relevant to the question from Cambodia today.