From a Christian college student … “brought back from the precipice of pessimism and disgust”

… as you can imagine, it does my heart good to receive a note like this:

I am not sure if this will ever come to be read by you, but in case it does I just wanted to say that your book “The Secret Message of Jesus” has brought me back from the precipice of pessimism and disgust towards Christianity and the human race. For the past few years I have been flirting with the idea of practical atheism in response to the twisted and ugly misinterpretation of Christ’s message that I have been indoctrinated by since birth.
I am a sophomore at [a] Christian University, and your book was an assigned text for a class taught by []. I honestly didn’t expect much going in, but by the time I was finished I found myself blurting out loud, “Yes!” and “Finally! Someone gets it!” every other page. I love love LOVE how you stress that we are to build relationships and networks HERE on earth instead of escaping it and running away by going to heaven. I feel as though you have so elegantly summarized what I have been screaming at the top of my lungs for years to fellow Christians. As an information technology major, the metaphor of God’s network really, really clicked with me.
Once again, I can’t express how much you’ve changed the way I feel about being a part of something bigger than I can even imagine. For awhile, I really thought I was alone. Now I can’t wait to begin plotting goodness with others.

Thanks so much for writing. I hope you’ll share the book with fellow students. The Christian college/university students of today hold many keys for the future of the faith tomorrow … Let me know if I can be of help and support in any way.