From a 50-year old Liberal Democrat in the UK

A reader writes:

at last – having bought ANKOC after hearing Richard Rohr recommend it at Greenbelt four months ago – I’ve finally finished reading it. It’s
been one of those books read in v short chunks requiring thought and
then discussion with anyone in the house with whom I could engage. No
book has held me like this since I read Frost & Hirsch’s ReJesus.
Thank you for inspiring this 50 year old Liberal Democrat whose journey
began in a Methodist church but who lately has felt increasingly
marginalised in an evangelical anglican community.

Thanks for your note. It makes an author feel great to know that his/her book stimulates thought and dialogue! I think you’re right – identifying as “evangelical” or “non-evangelical” doesn’t “work” as it used to for more and more of us. New questions and issues are being raised that transcend the old polarity.
BTW – I think I’ll be at Greenbelt this August. Hope to see you there. [And for friends in the US – you’ll want to know about Wild Goose Festival June 23 – 26 … I’ll be there too, and I hope you’ll be part of it. Space is limited, so I hope you’ll sign up asap.]