From a 23-Year-Old Reader

A reader writes …

A warm hello to Brian. My name is Y, and I live in the UK. I’ve not even finished A New Kind… yet but I just need to tell you that through your words I have received from Christ the faith I lost 3 years ago. I am so thankful. Your ideas resonate so strongly with me I can hardly contain it. Everything I have thought and wished someone would say has been written the book, even my inexpressible feelings. It’s like Jesus handed me the book Himself and said ‘here, I know your heart, have faith in Me again’. My disillusion with God has been exploded. Thank you, I pray for you, your work and your persecution as a ‘heretic’. I wish you peace and a close connection with Jesus always. With love in Christ

As you can imagine, notes like this mean more to me than I can adequately express. Thanks for writing.