Four Friendships: on Leadership

With several other posts today on leadership, this message from a dedicated unpaid minister might be helpful for some folks.

I am not a seminarian and I do not do full-time ministry. However I am a minister in my life (w/my NON-Christian friends) and when I do my volunteer prison ministry with KAIROS (part of the Emmaus movement). I am also trained through Willow Creek as a small group leader and have developed and lead a woman’s group for 5 years.
I am writing to say thank you for your commencement address at VTS — I just read it in the journal that I get periodically… But when I saw your title “Four Friendships” I had to check it out; and now I have forwarded it on to the many pastors and volunteer ministers that I know.
Again, thank you. I hope to meet you some day…. I would ask that you keep me and my ministry in prayer. It is my greatest desire in my retirement (looming soon) to either do a halfway house for women coming out of prison, a thrift shop coop or a combination of the two.

You can watch the address here.