For citizens who want their nation’s wars to be just …

This video will take you about six minutes to watch. It will disturb you. But it will also enlarge your understanding, if you let it, and may impact you in ways that last for the rest of your life. I hope you will watch it.
It highlights the importance of a gathering that will take place March 21-22, in New York City. You can learn more about it here.
The gathering will address a question articulated forcefully by Rita Nakashima Brock in a recent article:

How many of us know that, of the 30,000 suicides every year in the U.S., twenty percent are veterans? About 18 a day kill themselves, and from 2005-2007, the rate among younger vets rose 26 percent. None of these many thousands of deaths is counted among the casualties of our current wars. Some of these deaths, perhaps a substantial number of them, occur because people are forced to fight wars they know are morally wrong.

The conscience of soldiers and the conscience of the citizens they represent are inseparably connected. These matters touch us all.