Faith as a Weapon

Insights from Tony Blair, on a recent trip to Australia … here. Quotable:

The Israel-Palestine dispute is not the cause of extremism. But its resolution can be an essential part of consigning that affliction to the oblivion it deserves. I believed this before I became the Quartet Representative. I believe it even more strongly now. Peace between Israelis and Palestinians would release forces of modernisation across the region. It would pin back the forces of reaction.
Religious extremism cannot be beaten by military means alone. It is as much the force of ideas as the force of arms that will secure our future. And the principal idea is that people of different faiths, cultures and creeds can live together peacefully.
During my time in office I became so convinced of the importance of this issue that after stepping down as British prime minister I set up my faith foundation. In office, I became convinced that we need education as a major component, not a minor effort, of foreign policy. Peaceful coexistence cannot take root unless we have strong alliances not only across nations but across faiths, too.