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Best-Selling Author Pens Spiritual Travel Guide, Launches Series

Brian McLaren, noted author and activist, travels to the fragile Galapagos Islands, site of Charles Darwin’s revolutionary discoveries, to write a book on spirituality and human care for the planet

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Brian McLaren, the best-selling author of A New Kind of Christian, has long challenged his fellow Christians to care for the environment. This month, McLaren is traveling to the Galapagos Islands, known to scientists as a bellwether of climate change and its effects on flora and fauna. Based on his visit, he will write a spiritual travel guide to the islands, weaving together history, theology, and the impressions of the people he meets and the species under threat.

“For me, the Galapagos Islands are an intersection of things I love . . . a preserve for unique and threatened living creatures, a case study in the power of human beings to protect and restore fragile ecosystems that we’ve harmed, and a key location in the history of science,” said McLaren. “This pilgrimage will give me an opportunity to reflect on ecology, theology, and spirituality in a dynamic and evolving relationship”

McLaren’s book is the first in the new On Location series from Fortress Press, in which established authors will write spiritual travel guides to exotic and not-so-exotic locales.

“Honestly, I want to give some of my favorite authors a chance to visit—or revisit—places they’ve always wanted to go,” said Tony Jones, senior acquisitions editor at Fortress Press and curator of the series. “I know if I let them loose in a place that inspires them, fantastic books will follow.”

McLaren’s book will release in late 2019, followed annually by other books in the series.

Readers can follow McLaren’s travels June 21–29, 2018, on his blog (https://brianmclaren.net/blog/) and on Instagram (@brian_mclaren).


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