Evangelicals speaking out against torture

Last night I shared some bad news about Evangelicals supporting torture … but here’s some better news:
From Gabriel Salguero here …

Torture is morally reprehensible. Christians, who serve a Christ who was tortured and murdered by a brutal Empire should know this to be true. Torture is not just an affront to the human dignity of the person being tortured but also on the one’s who are dong the torturing. Any society that sanctions torture has lost its moral compass and threatens the ethical integrity of all its people.

From Robert King

Politically, militarily it seems that people can find ways to justify torture. But for the life of me I can’t see why churchgoing folk should support it. And indeed, there is a campaign against torture being lead by religious groups.
But it seems to me that a group of people who elevates Jesus as its model, teacher and prophet has gone off the rails when it is ready to attach the electrodes to the private parts of the battlefield enemies of its country.