Encouraging note from a Liberty University grad

I recently received this encouraging note …

I just finished the 3rd and final book in the New Kind of Christian series. I wanted to thank you for writing each book. Your compassion and humility are seen throughout them. I was raised in an extremely conservative/baptist family and community. I actually thought that liberals were destined for hell. I went to Jerry Falwell’s University in Virginia and never really felt quite comfortable there. Things weren’t matching up very well between what I was being told and all the questions I didn’t have answers to. … The last few years have been quite a journey for me. I sympathize with Dan’s character. My mind too, has been spinning with thoughts for years. I came across your books at the perfect time. I am hoping to receive A Generous Orthodoxy for Christmas. In due time, I will read all the books you have written. THANK YOU for all the work, time, energy, research, and love you put into these books. They have been a great blessing in my life.

It’s always great to hear the books have been of help to folks. If you’re interested in ordering any of my books as Christmas gifts, here’s my amazon page.