Election Reflections

This, from my wise friend Jim Antal.

Now is the time for spiritual preparation so that when opportunities for witness emerge, we will be ready to bring unfailing hearts of love along with untempered insistence on justice. Our preparation must include coming together to better understand our own white privilege, racism and classism. Our preparation must include waking up to and understanding what our country and culture are telling us. Our preparation must include a sober recognition that God’s creation – our home – is collapsing all around us. We must shed our cynicism. If despair propels us to disengage, let us instead draw upon courage to meet dysfunction with hope.

This from my equally wise friend John Dorhauer.

We … call upon the church to seek a pathway that envisions a just world for all. Those who celebrate this election must show a humility that honors the pain of those whose dreams were dashed by the outcome. Those who grieve must find a courage and hope found in a faith not in earthly power, but in the redemptive love of our Risen Christ.It is with this humility and faith that we can fulfill our mission: to build a just world for all. We stand in the face of fear and hate and proclaim that “love wins!” We rise up and respond to public derision of “the other” with a full embrace of and warm welcome for all God’s beautiful children. We confront the injustices of the powerful with a steady drumbeat of justice.