Earth Day 2014

For Earth Day, I encourage you to go outdoors and find ten gifts of creation to enjoy. Here are mine:
1. A cardinal was singing at dawn this morning just outside my window.
2. The sunrise was gorgeous in my neighborhood this morning.
3. Right now, the sun is shining on the new leaves – copper red – on a sea grape bush outside my window.
4. Plum-sized mangoes are hanging on the trees near me.
5. A flock of ibises flew overhead.
6. A swallow-tailed kite – one of the world’s most graceful and beautiful birds – was soaring overhead a while ago.
7. The beautiful green of spring grasses.
8. The morning breeze.
9. An anole sunning itself on a branch.
10. Noticing how the days are getting longer here in the northern hemisphere as the point of sunrise moves north …
What are your ten? Or five? Or even three? You can post them on my Facebook page…
Later on, when you must be indoors, take ten or fifteen minutes here: