Do you love where you live? Peacemaking and Place-making

Local churches are (at their missional best) one of the few remaining organizations dedicated to the well-being (shalom, peace) of their local communities. Key to healthy communities are characteristics explained in this important article:

What most drives people to love where they live (their attachment) is their perception of aesthetics, social offerings, and openness of a place. It appears that what people most want out of a neighborhood is a place that is attractive, engaging, friendly, and welcoming. In every place, every year of the study, these factors were found to be the three most important to tying people to place. Why does this matter? As mentioned above, communities where people love where they live do better economically. The best-loved places were doing better in a measureable way. Little did we still know, at first, that Soul had just empirically justified some of the core principles long advocated for by Placemaking advocates.