Dear White Evangelical Christians …

You don’t have to follow the path being laid for you by Jerry Falwell Jr, Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Pat Robertson, and others like them.

There is another way to be Evangelical, a better way.

While I’ve tried to model and teach about that better way, many Evangelicals think I’ve gone too far for them to accept or learn from. I understand that, and don’t hold that against them. The 17 year-old me probably couldn’t have accepted the 62 year old me either!

That’s why I am always glad to point Evangelicals to fellow Evangelicals they can easily accept and respect … who offer a better way forward.

Consider my friend Mark Siljander. Mark was at the vanguard of the Religious Right in the 1980’s. He was a member of Congress and was Ronald Reagan’s ambassador to the United Nations.

But he went through a spiritual deconstruction and reconstruction process while he was in the centers of power – as an Evangelical. His life story reads like an adventure novel, including time spent in prison. You can learn more in less than 4 minutes, right here:

I hope you’ll give this a view – and pass it on to other sincere Evangelicals that you know.