Contrast this: Oregon v. Israel

The standoff going on in Oregon vs. the action of Tair Kaminer in Israel. What’s similar? What’s different?
Quotable from Tair:

Even if I must pay a personal price for my refusal, this price will be worthwhile if it to helps place the occupation on the agenda of Israeli public discourse. Far too many Israelis don’t directly feel the occupation, and they tend to forget about it in their daily lives – lives that are eminently safe in comparison with those of Palestinians, or even of the Israelis who live in the Western Negev (Gaza border area) . We are told that there is no way other than the violent military way. But I believe that this is the most destructive way, and that there are others. I wish to remind all of us that there does exist an alternative: negotiations, peace, optimism, a true will to live in equality, safety and freedom. We are told that the military is not a political institution – but the decision to serve in the military is a highly political one, no less so than the decision to refuse.
… I am not scared of the military prison – what truly frightens me is our society losing its humanity.