Climate Change Deniers and Believers … a challenge to both

Climate Change Deniers … here’s a three-part challenge.
1. Read this article.
2. Decide if you are willing to go on record as calling this a scam. If so, go on record, so your children and grandchildren will know where you stood.
3. If not, go on record to let people know that you have changed your mind and are no longer a denier. Then move to part two below.
Climate Change Acknowledgers … we have an even bigger challenge.
1. Keep up with the news on scientific evidence for global climate change:
2. Bring up the subject whenever you can …
3. Don’t stop there – look for ways you can make changes in your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint. (This is hard. Very hard. And it’s not enough, but it’s an important start.) This should include divesting from fossil fuel corporations like Exxon.
4. Don’t stop there – work for changes in policy on behalf of our environment, which many of us believe is God’s beloved creation. Support candidates who demonstrate understanding and concern for the environment.
5. Don’t stop there – keep learning more through civil society groups like
6. Don’t stop there – this will be a lifelong struggle, on behalf of our grandchildren’s grandchildren, so join and support local groups, like this one in my area.
7. Integrate concern for the environment into your spiritual life – into your prayers, songs, public worship, etc. Then go back and repeat these seven steps on a more intense level.