Children and Youth When Everything Must Change

A reader writes …

I’m an American woman (wife, mother, nurse) who lives in [Asia] and is part
of a small Episcopal church here. My husband is an artist/art teacher at
an international school. My pastor (from the Diocese of San Diego where you’ve spoken)
recommended A New Kind of Christianity to me. Words can’t express how much
encouragement I have received from that book and Everything Must Change.
Not just your message, but your “delivery” fills me with hope for our future.
I wish that I could attend the C.Y.N.K.C. conference. I’ll keep following the
websites to track the evolving conversation. I heard an interview today with the
author of Growing Up Global. That books seems like a valuable resource for parents
and educators who are interested in C.Y.E.M.C. (Children and Youth when
Everything Must Change)!
May you be filled with strength and joy as you tackle the challenges of each day,
full of wonder as you witness the emerging reality.

Thanks for these encouraging words. For folks closer to DC, there’s still some room at the CYNK conference in May … and I’m sure there will be impacts from the event that will be felt in Asia too. Thanks again for your kind words.