chicago, emergent, spring

I leave in a few hours for the Everything Must Change gathering in Chicago – Oak Park, to be exact. We’ll be filming a video curriculum for the book around the edges of this gathering – I’ll pass on publishing info when I get it. (I think the video will come out later this year when the book goes to softcover.) You can register at the door if you’d like to come … we’d love to have you join us.
Steve Knight is doing an amazing job with the emergent village weblog. I’d especially recommend you check out the Andrew Jones link … and the Jonny Baker one …
Also – A New Kind of Christian and The Story We Find Ourselves In have just been released in softcover. I received my first copies yesterday – Jossey-Bass did a wonderful job on the artwork. The Last Word and the Word After That will be released soon.
Its Spring here in the DC area … flowers blooming, cherry trees blossoming, birds singing … one of our best times of the year here, a time you could say when our Creator, in our Creator’s own humble way, shows off.