Charlottesville Aftermath: Don’t Just Tweet … Prepare

I’ll be posting what I saw and experienced in Charlottesville soon, but for now, for all those who are concerned, here’s my plea:

Don’t just tweet, talk, complain, worry, or pray (do pray, but don’t just pray) … Prepare!

Prepare to become an agent of anti-racism. Prepare to become an agent of the beloved community. Prepare to be, in the words of St. Francis, “an instrument of peace,” or in the words of Jesus, a blessed peacemaker.

Remember: peace doesn’t just happen. It is brought into the world like music through well-tuned instruments. It is made real through people who are social poets (to quote Pope Francis), makers of peace.

If you want to get tuned up and trained, I can’t think of a better place to start than this page of resources prepared by the clergy of Charlotte. It’s excellent!

To get started, check this out – don’t just oppose overt white supremacy; oppose covert white supremacy as well: