Beautifully said, Diana!

My friend Diana Butler Bass gives a needed analysis of recent speeches by our president and former vice president. She hits the nail smack on the head.
Diana is right: last year we weren’t just choosing a president: we were choosing between “dueling visions of America.” I believe there are dueling visions of Christian faith at play these days as well … a theme which will be at the heart of my next book, “A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That are Transforming the Faith.” I just completed another front-to-back edit on the manuscript (slated to come out in March 2010), and I feel great – and grateful to God – about how the book has taken shape.
With Diana’s “dueling visions” in mind, I keep thinking about all the Biblical passages that speak of two choices, two roads, two masters, two ways … We are all making our individual choices day by day, and those choices compound into the direction of our congregations, denominations, nations, civilizations, and world.