background reading for copenhagen prayer

World Vision Australia offers this helpful introduction to the issue here.
The evangelical environmental network offers helpful information here. You can read about the evangelical climate initiative here.
You’ll find a CT interview with climate change expert Sir John Houghton here.
David Gushee offers important theological reflections on climate change opposition and acceptance here. (There is a strong resonance between the issues he raises and the first of the ten questions in my upcoming book.)
Joe Leichty from Goshen College raises important questions about addressing climate change here.
My book EMC offers a big-picture overview of the ecological crisis.
Later update: Here’s a piece from Eastern Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew … noteable quote:

This is why we call upon leaders of all faiths to involve themselves and their communities in one of the great issues of our time. Ours is a powerful voice. And our belief in the unity and interconnectedness of all things constitutes a strong argument for immediate action.
Is this an issue for Caesar or for God? We believe it must be approached in both its political and spiritual dimensions. Climate change will only be overcome when all of us—scientists and politicians, theologians and economists, specialists and lay citizens—cooperate for the common good.