Back home again …

I got home last night from my last speaking tour of the year. What a year it’s been. About a hundred days away … in Costa Rica, Washington DC, Winston-Salem, Point Loma, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Orlando, Spring Arbor, Upland, Boston, Austin, Louisville, Albuquerque, Canton, Harrisonburg, Hendersonville, North Park, Little Rock, Portland ME, Dominican Republic, Vancouver, South Africa, Ireland, Los Angeles, Halifax, Greenwich, New Haven, Blues Creek, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Aukland, Keyser, Winchester, Staunton, Chattanooga, Dallas, Camden, Philadelphia, Durham, Riverside, Pasadena, Beverly Hills (and I’m sure I missed a few!). Eight fascinating countries, so many interesting denominations and faith communities, uncountable amazing people.
I’ve heard inspiring stories, been welcomed by beautiful faith communities, met exemplary leaders, heard tremendous music and experienced glorious worship … and through it all I hope I’ve been able to pass on to others some small fragment of what I’ve received and learned.
Now I’m looking forward to catching my breath with family and looking ahead to next year. Thanks to all of you who have connected with me in some way this year – at an event, via or facebook or twitter, in a coffee shop, or through prayer. I am grateful beyond words.