Back from Ireland …

What a tremendous event Summer Madness is! Wonderful people, a great spirit … and we even had a few minutes of Irish sunshine. Highlights – there were so many – included hanging out with old friends like Jools Hamilton, Jason Clark, Sean Callaghan, and (too briefly) Andy Hickford … meeting many new friends and having some good and deep dialogue … great Q & R sessions (question and response) after my presentations … and some tremendous live music. I was especially glad to finally hear and hang out with Foy Vance. His concert was absolutely amazing … great work with loops, an uncannily powerful and versatile voice, finely crafted songs, and everything you want from a gifted performer – energy, humor, fun, and long sips of meaning as rich as Guinness from the tap.
Here are two wee* tastes of his work:

*proof I’ve actually been in Ireland: I caught a wee case of the contagious “wee.”