Back from England

It was a really enjoyable week in the Midlands (near Peterborough) with RUN (reaching the unchurched network).
It’s so interesting to me – since I get to meet so many different groups, networks, denominations, etc. – to get a sense of the “spirit” of a group. Some are aggressive and confident. Some are broken and reflective. Some are conflicted and seeking healing. Some are calm and placid. Some are anxious and cautiously hopeful. Some are mean-spirited and arrogant. Some are joyful and overflowing.
And of course, today’s arrogant group might become conflicted tomorrow and then …

… be broken and reflective next year and joyful a few years after that. Groups, like people, go through stages, and that’s normal and good and probably unavoidable.
The RUN network impressed me as humble, sincere, honest, loving, and creative … a reflection, my guess is, of the spirit of their leadership team.
We talked about “radical church, incarnational gospel, contagious spirituality” – the organizers will make my powerpoints available at their site soon, and I’ll try to do the same. (We’re having some trouble because the files are so large.)
The gathering was enriched by tremendous workshop sessions, rich times of worship and prayer, an especially beautiful concert by Aradhna, and lots of good conversation over meals. I am a blessed man to meet so many wonderful people, alive in the Spirit of God … I’ve come home with many new friends.
Thanks, all who were there, for such a warm reception. I hope I was half the blessing to you that you were to me.