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Why have postmoderns given up using pulpits?

Why do "postmodern" communicators seem to like sitting on stools without pulpits or stands?

I'm a 27 year old preacher (a mod-pomo tweener) and I don't like the stool end table gig- is there good reason for it? I've talked to some churches that actually demand it now in their pastoral search criteria. Is it socially important for some good reason? Should I consider it anyway? Is it theological or just cool?

Answer: Great question. It’s pathetic to see people turn one person’s “style” or “preference” into a fad, requirement, etc., etc. If it’s of any encouragement, I stand when I preach. Stools hurt my butt. Maybe some people feel that the stool thing is more informal, less power-oriented and domineering – that might be a good reason to use one. But since I’m pretty short and non-intimidating, I don’t feel a need to sit on a stool.