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What's the deal with heaven?

I know that I should read the entire book before making comments, but I give a hearty amen to your view of...

...hell and heaven (as expressed in Orthodoxy Chapter 4). I’ve oft struggled with my/our self centeredness; and this is seen in our discussions about God (‘How is God working in your life?’ as if God’s existence is predicated on my ability to recognize him), about Jesus (“Yes, Jesus loves me”), and about heaven/hell (“I can’t wait to get to heaven to ask Jesus why he did that,” as if the whole reason for my presence in heaven isn’t to be in God’s presence, but to clarify my understanding...I am so important, you must explain yourself to me).

I would very much like you to elaborate on your views of heaven. Practically, I would like help with how to disassociate my views of God, Jesus, the church, and heaven from my own self centeredness.

Answer: I haven’t written much on the subject of heaven, but hope to someday – it is something I hope to think and study about more in the future. I continue to be influenced by N. T. Wright’s work – that emphasizes the Biblical hope centers in resurrection, not an eternally disembodied existence in a spiritual state called heaven.