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What books would you recommend to help me understand how fundalmentalism shaped my thinking?

I'm new to emergent conversation in general. I did see you speak at Catalyst...

...in Atlanta in 2004. Your pre-conference lab session blew me away, and I've had to go back and listen to it again and again to get it all. I come from a fundamentalist, "word of faith" background. I've sensed God calling me beyond that. I've been reading authors such as Erwin McManus, Dallas Willard (I read Divine Conspiracy so far), Phillip Yancey, CS Lewis. I've also been reading alot of your articles, as well as other articles on sites such as www.theooze.com. I'm just beginning to read your "Church on the Other Side".

My question is: what books would you recommend of yours and others to help me understand what I'm coming from, i.e. how has fundamentalism shaped my thinking, and where I'm going to, i.e. where do I go from here, post-fundamentalism??

Answer: Youíll find a good reading list both here and at the emergentvillage.com website. There are so many helpful books being written Ė Iím sure as soon as a list as made itís already outdated. Hereís one suggestion Ė try Don Millerís Blue Like Jazz. I think youíll love it.