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Is there a place for me?

Dear Brian,
I work in full-time youth ministry at a Christian centre in XXX. I have been a reader/supporter of yours for about a year now, and...

I am finding that supporting the views you present in your books is
making people I work with (and, conversely, our funders) nervous. I do not know how stable my job is since I started thinking like this. I was just
wondering - is there a place for people like me to find friendly/prayerful support when facing these difficulties? (I'm starting to feel like your narrator at the end of "The Stories we Find Ourselves In") please sign me as anonymous.

Answer: This is very sad! In the U.S., I encourage people to make contact with a cohort via emergentvillage.com and theooze.com. In Canada, there will be a new emergent site up soon, I understand, and you’ll get good links through emergent.ca.