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Do you know any biblical scholars who are taking these things seriously?

I just read “A Generous Orthodoxy,” and I wish I had written it--at least parts of it. What an amazing book! I resonated...

...with so much of it, and many other parts just pissed me off. It’s one of those books that I think I’ll be responding to for a long, long time.

What I especially appreciated is how you’ve managed to articulate what’s been going on in my head for twenty-plus years—the anti-triumphalism and openness and humility and self-awareness of the type of Christianity you describe. I have for years distrusted the kinds of easy-answers, cut-and-dried, fill-in-the-blanks spirituality and faith that I inherited and that is so prevalent in my fellowship. (I’m in the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, the apotheosis of Baconianism, foundationalism, and commonsense rationalism.)

Anyway, I’m now mulling over what I do vocationally—teach biblical studies and theology in an evangelical university, preach and pastor in small churches—and how I can do that in a way that is more in tune with some of the bells of conviction that you have set ringing in my head. I would like to be in dialogue/fellowship with other biblical scholars who are taking these things seriously. Do you know of anyone who fits that description?

Answer: I think you’d find a lot of colleagues in theology and biblical studies through emergentvillage.com. Be sure to check out some of our “theological conversations.” Thanks for your encouraging words (and sorry for the parts that frustrated you!).