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On leadership ...

From Rick Smyre's excellent work - available here:

A complementary perspective is found in Bob Johansen’s "Leaders Make the Future.” Johansen suggests ten essential leadership skills for these times.

Maker Instinct: Exploit your inner drive to build and grow things, as well as connect with others in the making.

Clarity: See through messes and contradictions to a future that others cannot yet see. Leaders are very clear about what they are making, but very flexible about how it gets made.

Dilemma Flipping: Turn dilemmas—which, unlike problems, cannot be solved—into advantages and opportunities.

Immersive Learning Ability: Immerse yourself in unfamiliar environments to learn from them in a first-person way.

Bio-Empathy: See things from nature’s point of view; to understand, respect, and learn from nature’s patterns.

Constructive Depolarizing: Calm tense situations where differences dominate and communication has broken down—and bring people from divergent cultures toward constructive engagement.

Quiet Transparency: Be open and authentic about what matters to you—without advertising yourself.

Rapid Prototyping: Create quick early versions of innovations with the expectation that later success will require early failures.

Smart Mob Organizing: Create, engage with, and nurture purposeful business or social change networks through intelligent use of electronic and other media.

Commons Creating: Seed, nurture, and grow shared assets that can benefit other players—and sometimes allow competition at a higher level.