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More great links ...

Yesterday I shared some worthwhile links. But there's more!

The Work of the People is an amazing site full of digital resources for churches, ministries, etc.
Here are my contributions:

Here's an important documentary on an important subject - our incarceration system:

My friend Joe Boyd is involved with a fascinating-sounding new movie. Here's the trailer:

Learn how you can help here:

And here's a conference you should really consider - especially if you care about violence and justice and peace:
Here (again) is a great article on the subject(s) of Black Theology and Girardian thought:

And here's my friend Gabriel Salguero talking about immigration reform:

Oracion y accion!

When is the last time you celebrated your one and only life? My friend Connie Freeman is a wonderful mentor and resource for people in the DFW area ... check out the next Barnabas Workshop in May: http://barnabasjourney.org/sign-up/retreat/

Finally, here's a worthwhile book on Israel and Palestine, by a friend who lived there, in the middle of the tensions, as an agent of peace: