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Links Roundup

For all my Pentecostal friends, here is a website you should know about.

For my Catholic friends - this on the Conservative Catholic and Religious Right alliance ... and this on the new Pope's less strident rhetoric about gay people ... should be of interest.

For my Orthodox friends - you should be aware of the good work of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship. They'll be gathering in DC this October.

Here's an update on the Dream 9 from Red Letter Christians ... especially for American readers.

Friends in the UK - my friend Michael Hardin plans to be on your side of the pond in October-November this fall. Michael is one of the world's top teachers of Rene Girard's mimetic theory. He's been a big influence on me and I recommend him highly. If you'd like to have him speak when he's in the UK, you can contact him here: http://www.preachingpeace.org/

Environmental friends - this beautiful and touching documentary deserves your attention.

Finally, for everybody - Read the Spirit has brought together several interviews with me - I'm a big fan of their work, and I think you'll enjoy these resources.