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It's gonna be really good ...

Here's the Wild Goose Festival note those of us who are already registered received today. I hope you'll sign up asap ...

Hi folks

In six weeks the organizing team will have been on site at Shakori Hills for a day already. The site will be shaping up. It will be warm. There will be food. There will be music. There will be laughter, and dented thumbs from hammering in stakes for large tents. And two days later, Vincent Harding (who wrote speeches for Dr Martin Luther King) will open our first Wild Goose Festival with a blessing; Jim Wallis will be in conversation with T-Bone Burnett about creativity and social justice; Michelle Shocked will take the stage with the Lee Boys Sacred Steel ensemble; Mark Yaconelli will host a storytelling session in which remarkable people tell extraordinary tales of captivity; John Dear will discuss his time in prison due to non-violent peace activism; Lynne Hybels will talk about the intersection of spirituality and women's rights; Richard Twiss will invite us to discover the gifts of Native American Christianity; Ian Cron will explain a question to which he doesn't know the answer; Paul Knitter will explore how to interact with robust faith in a pluralist world while respecting the traditions of others; Scott Bass will facilitate a conversation among folk who have experienced both sides of the criminal justice system; Walter and Vic Thiessen will take a decidedly Canadian Mennonite perspective on the best movies released in the past year; the North American premiere of 'The Insatiable Moon', one of those same movies, will take place; Margot Starbuck will examine mystery and how to live well; people will eat Indian food and North Carolina meats; coffee will be drunk alongside the unique Wild Goose Brew beer; there will be dancing; there will be praying; there will be shouts of excitement; new friendships will begin, and old irritations begin to be reconciled...

And that's just some of what is planned for the first few hours.

One suggestion: Please tweet the name and theme of the person you're most interested in hearing speak or perform at the festival, along with a link to the site.

And let folk know about Ian Cron's new blog post in which he shares his enthusiasm for the festival, along with his affinity for Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Who knows? We may even get him to dance on stage... while reading from his new book 'Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me' - which we'll help launch at the festival ;-)

We want to sell another 500 tickets in the next six weeks. The people receiving this email are influential enough to help us get well on the way there.

It's going to be unmissable. Please keep telling your friends. Ticket prices go up at the weekend.