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I am an Afghan child. Please stop killing me.

Please take five minutes and let your heart be touched by these Afghan human beings, beloved by God, who want us to identify with them and share their pain and hope. Please post, tweet, and retweet.

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“Two young Afghan boys herding cattle in Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan were mistakenly killed by NATO forces yesterday.
They were seven and eight years old.
Our globe, approving of ‘necessary or just war’, thinks, “We expect this to happen occasionally.”
Some say, “We’re sorry.”
Therefore today, with sorrow and rage, we the Afghan Peace Volunteers took our hearts to the streets.
We went with two cows, remembering that the two children were tending to their cattle on their last day.
We are those two children.
We want to be human again.”
Excerpt of essay.
Read more at http://ourjourneytosmile.com/blog/2013/03/we-are-those-two-afghan-children-killed-while-tending-their-cattle/

Please watch a video of our protest in Kabul,
held in front of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission,
with two cows to remember the children's hard work of tending to cattle
‘We are those two Afghan children’