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A Request for Help

Readers of my books and blog know that I am a movement person.

On this blog, in my speaking, and in my books I get behind a wide array of organizations, causes, and projects that I sense are moving in the same general direction. My great sense of calling has been, and continues to be, to contribute to a broad-based movement that embodies a Christ-like ethos and leads to Christ-like action for the good of the world.

Grace and I recently decided to make a significant financial investment in building some behind-the-scenes support structures for this movement to take its next steps.
I think the time is ripe.

I’m looking for some people to join in this initiative.

Let me be clear: I’m not asking for money for myself. Grace and I both work hard and we cover our own expenses. Our desire is to give and seek others to join us in giving.

What I’m looking for is a team of partners to join me in a generous and strategic impulse.

If you believe in the kinds of things I write, say, and do, and would like to join me in making a significant financial investment over the next three years - to help a broad-based, diverse, and deep Christian movement rise to the next level, I am hoping we can come together in a joint project.

You might be able to give in the four, five, six, or seven figures. Or you might know a person, foundation, or other donor who can. Or you might be willing to start giving a smaller amount on a regular basis for the long term.

At a later date, I’ll be asking for people who can help with skills ... but first, we need some people who can put together some funds.

If you are open to explore this further (no pressure or obligation, of course), I hope you’ll contact me at this email address:

I’ll be back in touch with more information within a few days. (Of course, I’ll keep your contact information confidential and it won’t be sold or given to anybody else.)

Thanks for considering this request for help and passing/forwarding/tweeting it on to others who you believe might be able and happy to help.

Warmly and gratefully,