ANNOUNCEMENT from Brian McLaren

April 1, 2013:
Brian McLaren, author of Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road (Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World) today revealed that the question posed by his ungainly title could have been answered in one short sentence.
“It’s hard to believe I wrote 276 pages when the whole matter could have been settled in a matter of five words,” McLaren said at an impromptu press conference conducted early Monday while he was still in his pajamas.
Visibly shaken, McLaren broke down when pondering the way he spent the last few years of his life: “When I think of all those wasted trees, all that ink, all that time writing and editing, all the travel …”
In reply to repeated queries as to what the five-word sentence would be, McLaren became even more emotional. “It’s not even a complete sentence with subject and verb. It’s just a sentence fragment consisting of an infinitive phrase followed by a prepositional phrase.”
As of press time, the emotionally overwrought author had not composed himself sufficiently to answer the question in question.