An Itching, Jumping, Emailing Seminarian

A reader writes:

I am on page 72 of A New Kind of Christian and I itch! I want to jump up from my desk and rush to my next door neighbors who is also a student at XXYY Theological Seminary as I am and make him read each chapter with me so we can discuss it! Or email my pastor, or I’d love to sit down with my high school sunday school teacher who just passed away at the age of 86. The list is continuing through my head and I want to deeply thank you for it. I am currently in Seminary as I mentioned and I am pursuing being ordained into the Methodist Church so that I may be a Chaplain and I thought my “heretical” thoughts were due to my calling to Chaplaincy and the inclusiveness and different thinking which that entailed but now I have a new perspective.

Thanks for the note – so glad you’re enjoying the book! I’ve noticed that chaplains often “get” what I’m writing about sooner than others because – as you say – they constantly encounter diversity, and they see God at work in “them” as well as “us,” without discrimination.