An important, amazing, and needed resource you should know about …

For years I have been a fan of and participant in the work of Preaching Peace.

Now, they are expanding their work with The School of Peace Theology,  where you can get a wide range of seminary-quality courses online. Amazing!

And this November 2-4, I’ll be part of The Peace of the Gospel conference, which I hope you’ll consider being part of as well. It will be in a beautiful place – Santa Fe, NM, and it will address subjects that are both urgent and important, especially in light of the instability and ideology of our current political leaders.

Check out the speakers and musicians who will be part of this gathering.

The Preaching Peace community are doing essential theological work as peacemakers, and I hope you’ll learn about their work, take advantage of the conference and other resources, and spread the word to at least one person you think might be interested … right now.

Thanks, friends!