An encouraging note from a friend

I think we all get discouraged sometimes, feeling that for all the good things happening, the bad stuff is a lot bigger, meaner, richer, and more powerful. But then encouragement comes along, reminding you that God is at work, and that little things (mustard seeds) can have surprising outcomes down the road.

Just wanted to e-mail you and share a brief story with you. I’m not sure if you know but I work part time hours at [a store] here in [our city] and I had a gal come through my line. As I was checking her out of my line we got to talking and I asked her where she went to school. She told me [a local Christian university]. I knew that you had spoken there on occasion so I told her that I had a friend that had spoken at there on occasion in chapel. She asked who it was and I said Brian McLaren. Her entire demeanor changed, her eyes got huge and joy erupted all over her face. With such enthusiasm she blurted out – “God used Brian McLaren to change my life. His writings have changed the course of my life and my faith has been renewed.” I wanted to talk more but had another customer waiting so she was off and out the door. Brian, just wanted to pass that off to you – so many people who have been impacted by you, whose lives are different because of your life and writings and yet you have not even heard from them. There are tons out them out there – thanks for your courage and being a voice of faith, hope and love for so many of us.

As you can imagine, encouraging stories like this mean a lot. Thanks to all who read, recommend, and share books. We’re all in this together!