An Atheist Responds to NPR piece …

Here’s the NPR link to the piece regarding my new book, and you’ll find the response after the jump …

As an Atheist I don’t often write to religious leaders other than to identify their hypocrisies and their apparent lack of faith, by casting judgement on people, a duty to be held only by God. I have recently heard of your leadership and positions on God through an NPR podcast. I wanted to write and thank you for taking such a strong and compassionate position view on the ways of God and the world. Having come from a religious extended family and a non-religious nuclear family I have often struggled with people who are overly religious and cast suspicion and condescending views on those who are not. Traveling the world I could not see how anyone could pass judgement on people who just so happened to not follow their same religion. Walking through slums in India, it seemed unfair that the benevolent Christian God would cast down to hell a child whose only apparent sin was never having heard of Jesus Christ.
In dealing directly with self righteous Christians in the past, as well as other religious groups, it has often troubled me that so much of the bible or religious text is read, and then ignored or given a convenient interpretation. It is a relief to know that good Christian leaders like yourself do exist, and support the well being of all groups of people, much as I have come to understand what the Christian God would actually want. It warms my heart and brings a true smile to my face to hear that Christians like yourself are growing in number and leading a path towards change to make things better for all people, not just fellow Christians. And that judgement of people is withheld and all morally good people are welcomed in salvation. I am also happy to say that yours is a group I feel I could righteously stand with, despite not holding the same religious beliefs. So many times in the past, it was difficult to stand with religious groups on issues I believe in, due to overt preachings on their religious views. I watched appalled, as food, aid, and assistance were withheld from those in need, simply because they refused to alter their belief system. I am glad that you appear to be bringing a change to these ways of operation.
I just wanted to write and thank you for your progressive approach to the world and its advancement. I am sorry this letter has gone on for so long, but you are doing great work and it is good to know that those who are religious, especially Christian, aren’t all jaded and egotistical. Please keep up your great work and I offer you my sincerest thanks and well wishes. You sir, are truly doing the lords work as it was written, and I ask that you not be distracted by the naysayers and antagonists that line the roads, but be continue to be a guide of true understanding, compassion, and happiness.
Sincerely and Respectfully,

Thanks so much for these kind and encouraging words.