An apology

A reader writes …

This isn’t a question, and barely a comment, instead this is an apology.
I’m sorry to say that in the past I have been ignorant and immature and have slandered you to the people in my world who would listen.
My chief reason being that I was caught up in a furious set of doctrines and followed my heroes that presented them without thought to the inconsistencies that such unloving actions created.
(Now I don’t mean to say the doctrines are unloving, because I still believe a bunch of them can be redeemed when practiced with a model of love and humility rather than one of vindictive righteousness.)
I don’t think I even have to specify which branch of ‘neo-modern’ Christianity I am speaking of as I’m certain you could guess. haha
With that being said I am writing this to you now having just read your book “Finding Our Way Again” for one of my theology classes at university. You wouldn’t believe the shock and unbelief I experienced as I found each chapter resonating within me loud and clear.
I thoroughly enjoyed your views on Kingdom and the way you summarised the redemptive narrative, as well as the whole of the book – however those parts really grabbed me.
I’ve learnt a lot from FOWA, and am a better human having read it! I never in a million years thought I would but I have even been recommending it to everyone in my world who will listen!
So please accept my apology and encouragement, and consider this the beginning of my καθαρσις (or, ἡ αρχη μου καθαρσεως).
thanks for your book and your time.

Thanks for these encouraging words. It’s interesting to see how few people who are publicly critical of my work have ever actually read it … Anyway, we’re all in this together, and I’m grateful to hear that FOWA was helpful. it’s one of my “quieter” books, but one that meant a lot to me in the writing. I hope we’ll meet in person someday soon.