An amazing weekend …

Week ten of our eleven-city tour is now history. I wished we had four or five days together in the Bronx instead of just one and a half. What a tremendous group of people.
We were hosted by two inspiring groups:
Latino Pastoral Action Center, founded by Rev. Ray Rivera. It was an honor for us to have Ray present, and to hear his thoughts. Ray was “an emergent Christian” decades before such a term had been created. The Center houses a charter school, a local congregation, and a number of tremendous community resource ministries.
Latino Leadership Circle, founded by David Ramos. This group brings together some of the most thoughtful and dynamic people I’ve met in all my travels.
A huge thanks to coordinator Liz Rios and to Susan, Rose, and all the other amazing LPAC volunteers. We couldn’t have been better cared for!
A special highlight was our panel on Saturday morning. In addition to Rev. Ray Rivera, we heard from Lisa Sharon Harper, Gabriel Salguero, Alexie Torres-Fleming, and Jose Humphries. What a rich conversation … We may be able to make audio or video downloads available. Stay tuned.
Tracy Howe, our worship leader, was joined by some tremendous musicians, including a great rhythm section from LPAC, plus Aaron Strumpel and Rev. Vince Anderson … whose “dirty gospel” CD called “100% Jesus” had me singing along all the way home. (You can hear “I don’t think Jesus done it that way” here.)
Thanks to all who were present – from the greater New York City area, from around the Northeast, from the UK, from Montreal, and elsewhere. And once again, a huge thanks to Ian Morgan Cron and Trinity Church, whose generosity covered the expenses for the event and made it possible.