Africa photos

I’ve been a bit sick for the last couple days – but feeling better today than yesterday.
Several folks on facebook have posted photos of our time in Africa. Here are some links:
This is one especially for all my critics … maybe you think this is the closest I’ll get?!
I’m standing at the entrance to a new “fair trade” restaurant in Kigali, Rwanda – with me is Annemie Bosch – missiologist/theologian David Bosch was her husband. What a delightful lady – she added so much to our time in Rwanda. Thanks, Mike, for posting these.
This one is in Burundi. We had visited the beautiful orphanage run by Freddie and the Jeunesse pour Christ team in Gitega. The kids were clean, well-cared for, so happy … As we left, directly across the street was this little group of guys. I tried out one of my very few Kirundi lines – “My name is Brian. What’s yours?” And the guys started introducing themselves to me one by one. It’s an amazing thing to connect with people – however simple the connection may be.
Aussie friend Fuzz Kitto – who among his many talents is a professional photographer/artist – posted his shots on flickr.
A big part of my heart is still in East Africa! I’ll add other links as I learn of them.
Next year, amahoro-africa will meet in South Africa May 5-12, and then another gathering will take place in Burundi May 12-18.

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