Advice to Writers: Write first.

I had the privilege of being part of last week’s Writing For Your Life conference in Nashville at Belmont University. It was my first experience speaking at an event like this. (My second will be in June, at the Frederick Beuchner Writer’s  Princeton. Info here.)

If you’re interested, here are slides from my presentations.

writing for your life 1

Someone asked for information about my writing process, and this morning, as I was working on my science fiction novel (more info on it soon), I realized that I could have offered this:

Write first.

Sometimes I save my writing until I have other things finished. First, I’ll clean my desk. First, I’ll answer all the emails in my inbox. First, I’ll upload the slides from my talk at the writer’s conference.

But this morning, I ignored everything else and simply wrote first. I’m glad I did.

My other duties (including posting this!) were waiting.

I hope that advice might help you. Write first!