A week or two this summer in the wild? Consider Ring Lake Ranch!

One of the places I’ve come to love most on the planet – both because of its natural beauty and because of the community that hosts gatherings there – is Ring Lake Ranch. This August, we’re hoping to be able to gather there in person. One week, I’ll be co-leading a session with my amazing daughter Jodi on “Unleashing Your Inner Artist,” and the following week, I’ll be co-leading with my amazing friend Mickey Scottbey Jones on “Cultivating the Inner & Outer Work of Community.” The rest of the summer has fantastic events too. You can learn more by downloading this newsletter …

Ring Lake Ranch 2020 Fall Carillon

Or you can go directly to the site, here.

Horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, fishing, relaxing on a rocking chair, exploring petroglyphs, breathing fresh air … you just might need this in 2021!