A week ago I spent a day in Lakeland, FL,

… participating in a protest near the headquarters of Publix. If you’ve never participated in something like this, I hope you’ll consider it. The reports below will give you a feel for what it’s like:


One of the greatest discoveries and joys of my life has been the experience of combining spirituality/contemplation and activism. Call it spiritual activism or activist spirituality, I highly recommend

A. prayerfully listening to your heart for causes you care about,
B. choosing a level of commitment you can begin with – attending one protest a year, writing one blog a month, changing your buying habits, etc.
C. integrating your spiritual values with your activism, and vice versa.

When I became a writer full-time, my more flexible schedule enabled me to expand my activist involvements. Sometimes it’s a lot of work, but the joy, teamwork, and sense of creative rightness and goodness of involvement always more than compensate.