A Tale of Two Evangelical(ism)s

Rank and file Republican voters defied Republican leadership in choosing Donald Trump as their candidate this year, and now Republican leadership (including most of Trump’s rivals) have come around to supporting him (although Trump is making it harder every day).
Evangelical Christian voters also defied their leadership in supporting Trump, and it turns out that prominent Evangelical Christian leaders are supporting Trump as well, including Dr. Wayne Grudem, a leading Evangelical theologian.
Grudem’s endorsement hasn’t gone unchallenged by fellow Evangelicals, including Dr. Scott McKnight and Warren Throckmorton.
A growing number of Evangelical public figures (or post-Evangelical) are upping their resistance to the possibility of a Trump presidency. Most eloquent and outspoken among them – Rachel Held Evans.
I agree with Rachel, and I applaud her courage in speaking out so clearly and boldly. Here’s why:

There’s an oft-repeated story (questionable in its veracity) about a famous African American basketball star who had a line of sneakers. He was once asked why he didn’t speak up against policies and politicians that were hurting the African American community. “Republicans buy sneakers too,” he allegedly responded.
Well, Evangelicals buy books. Lots of books. And for an author like Rachel to speak up as she has shows a lot of courage and a willingness to pay the price for doing so. Lots of writers don’t. I have long admired Rachel as a gifted writer and thinker, but in this election season, she is distinguishing herself as a courageous and gracious leader – demonstrating the courage to differ graciously. I am more impressed with her than ever.

Whoever wins in November, a lot of negativity has been stirred up … anti-Muslim sentiment, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-LGBTQ, anti-urban, anti-rural, not to mention anti-Republican and anti-Democrat. The social fabric is far more easily torn than mended, and that’s one reason many of us from different faiths and political orientations are coming together to say, “We Stand With Love.” You can read more here.