A Scottish Reader Writes: unfurling faith …

A reader writes:

I just wanted to say that I hope you have a wonderful time of silent, still reflection and I do hope 10 months is enough…you have given so much to so many over the years I will pray that it is a real oasis for you.
After reading your trilogy books your thought and ideas have influenced me on my journey of unfurling faith. I can echo many things I hear others say in comments to you and have finally discovered what being born again and again really means!! I pass on your books, podcasts, videos etc to whoever I think will read or listen.

Thanks for these encouraging words. I have been finishing up my next book (new title: The Great Spiritual Migration – release date this September) and enjoying not standing in airport security lines! Meanwhile, I have been working with an executive coach in a discernment process about how I can most make my life count in the decade ahead (age 60-70). And I have been letting my brain and soul rest … It’s hard to explain how tired the creative parts of my psyche became over the last few years, but I know that sometimes, rest is the thing most needed, and it can’t be rushed. So your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated … as are your prayers.