A review of my upcoming book …

One of the most striking things about this new work is that in choosing to argue for a strong Christian identity, a standard position of evangelical theology, McLaren’s work deserves the attention of astute evangelical readers, even those who might have overlooked this book because of the association of McLaren’s name with emerging or progressive Christianity. Granted evangelical readers may not track with every doctrinal, liturgical and missional twist that McLaren proposes over the course of his argument, but if they can trust his insistence on a strong Christian identity and his bold and unwavering Christology, it seems there is plenty of room for conversation about how to move forward together in the direction that McLaren offers, in spite of our theological quibbling. And in extending this olive branch of sorts to the evangelicals, McLaren’s book practices what it preaches. Although the book is explicitly about interfaith relations, its message is also one that desperately needs to be heard within the broad tradition of Christianity.

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