A request for help –

With my friends Irish writer Gareth Higgins, illustrator Heather Harris, and The Porch Magazine, I’m working on an exciting new project.
At the center of the project is a beautiful children’s book – that is also a picture book for adults. It explores six stories of harm and fear that dominate our lives – and points to a seventh story of peace. The book will be called Cory and the Seventh Story.
Here’s an illustration from the book …
There’ll be a website, local events, community circles, and additional resources that flow from this.
For the children’s/adult picture book, we’ve decided on an unconventional approach – instead of an established publisher, we’re going to crowdfund to help nurture community support for the ideas in the book, and to make it more immediately accessible.
So here’s how you can help: we’re asking for input from those of you who have experience with successful crowdfunding campaigns – Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or any other platform that has worked for you. If you have advice for us, we would greatly appreciate it.
If you have experience running a successful crowdfunding campaign, and could donate a few hours to help us put a campaign together, please email us through the contact page on The Porch website.
And if you don’t have crowdfunding experience but want to know more, sign up to The Porch newsletter at the site, and we’ll keep you in touch with everything Porch-related – including this children’s book.
Thank you, friends. The Seventh Story is real. Let’s learn and live it together!